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Founded on dedication and extensive proficiency, Floor Preparations Pty Ltd, located in Ashfield, Sydney specialises in providing single and three phase diamond grinding, floor grinding, shot blast and concrete slab preparations.

Floor Preparations Pty Ltd offers quality industrial and commercial flooring application services to transportation departments, airports, buildings, factories and a wide variety of municipalities.

Floor Preparations Pty Ltd provides the following services:

Diamond Grinding
Using dust free and water free methods, Floor Preparations Pty Ltd offers concrete flooring restoration techniques that correct irregularities, including faulting and roughness. Our diamond grinding services can restore structural and functional capacity of concrete flooring to acceptable levels for a specific traffic need.
Floor Grinding
Floor Preparations Pty Ltd has the capacity to grind through concrete, mosaic, stone and also on hard surfaces, such as epoxyconcrete. We utilise state of the art floor grinding machinery, allowing grinding close to walls, corners and other obstacles. Our floor grinding machinery can follow the contours of your floor, in particular low areas.
Shot Blasting
Suitable for parking complexes, warehouse flooring, airport terminals, and private or public buildings, Floor Preparations Pty Ltd provides an excellent profile for maximum adhesion, with all the popular finishes. A steel shot is blasted against a surface and debris, dust and the shot are all contained in our sealed collection systems hopper.
Concrete Slab Preparation
Concrete slab preparation is fundamental to ensure a flat surface for a range of traffic conditions, particularly if you are considering the installation of a wooden or carpeted floor. Floor Preparations Pty Ltd ensures that your concrete is flat, clean and dry. Correct concrete slab preparation, underlaying mixing, placing of the underlayment and curing of the underlayment are of vital importance to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Floor Preparations Pty Ltd also specialises in abrasive blasting, priming and various other methods to achieve the optimum surface for floor coatings, cleaning or architectural purposes. Floor Preparations Pty Ltd can clean, smooth, roughen or remove any section of article by the use of an abrasive blast propelled by compression air, steam or by a wheel.
Concrete Slab Preparations
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