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What is Diamond Grinding?
Diamond grinding is an innovative technique used to ensure a smoother ride and increased durability. Using dust free and water free methods, Floor Preparations Pty Ltd offers concrete flooring restoration techniques that correct irregularities, including faulting and roughness.

Why Diamond Grinding?
Our diamond grinding services can restore structural and functional capacity of concrete flooring to acceptable levels for a specific traffic need.

What is Shot Blasting?
Shot blasting is a mechanical method used in concrete and steel surface slab preparations, removal and renewal. Floor Preparations Pty Ltd prepares the surface for the application of a coating, paint or sealer. In order for a new coating or overlay to establish a strong bond to a surface, it must be clean, dry and profiled.

Why Shot Blasting?
A surface profile is needed to provide a grip for the coating to adhere to.

Why is Concrete Slab Preparation so important?
Concrete slab preparation is the single most important element to successfully layer a resin flooring application. It is fundamental to ensure a safe, flat surface regardless of its traffic conditions.

What is involved in the Concrete Slab Preparation process?
Floor Preparations Pty Ltd will professionally inspect and determine the best concrete slab preparation method suited to your requirements. Existing coatings or curing agents may require complete removal, meanwhile imperfections in the substrate will be mimicked or magnified by sealing over them.

Concrete Slab Preparations
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