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Floor Preparations Pty Ltd can restore structural and functional capacity of a concrete surface to acceptable levels for your specific traffic requirements.

Full depth repair, load transfer restoration and, in special situations, addition to edge drains or slab stabilisation may be appropriately used to restore structural integrity to the concrete. Partial depth repair may be used to repair spalled areas at joints and cracks.

Providing the quietest and most immediate rehabilitation strategy, our diamond grinding services restore functionality and safety to concrete by removing surface irregularities caused by construction curling, slab warping, faulting and roughness.

Our diamond grinding services are suitable for a range of concrete and steel applications, including:

Horizontal and vertical surfaces
Preparation of old or new concrete
Removing existing coatings and adhesives
Re-etching of slippery surfaces and polishing

Floor Preparations Pty Ltd has the capacity to significantly increase surface macro-texture whilst maintaining noise reduction and safety improvement.

For the most effective concrete treatment and repair service, contact Floor Preparations Pty Ltd today.

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