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Shot blasting is now, more than ever, an effective surface preparation method for even the largest jobs. Our equipment is capable of reaching very high production rates with ease.

Floor Preparations Pty Ltd shot blast cleaning systems provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for preparing concrete and steel surfaces. The power and manoeuvrability of our equipment is second-to-none, making it suitable for a wide range of surface preparation applications.

Our state of the art machinery strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously, leaving the surface dry and well-etched, and immediately ready for the application of coatings or overlays. Airborne dust, debris and contaminants are collected and contained in our system’s sealed dust collectors for easy disposal.

Floor Preparations Pty Ltd offers a wide range of shot blasting applications on concrete and steel surfaces, including:

Parking garage complexes
Factory warehouse floors
Airport terminals
Transportation departments
Private and public buildings
And a wide variety of municipalities

For a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution to concrete slab preparation, contact Floor Preparations Pty Ltd today.

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